Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

What are you going to do to beat the heat this summer? You can of course cool off by visiting any of California’s beautiful beachessurfingcanoeing down the Russian River, escaping to the mountains of Lake Tahoe, or cooling off with some tasty, classic American desserts. How many of these have you tried, and how many of these idioms with “cool” do you know?

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts

Frozen yogurt (fro-yo)

Getting frozen yogurt is a fun process: everything is self-serve! Grab the sample cups, stare at the wall of yogurt flavors, and then sample a few before making your decision. Combine the flavors to make something new, and then choose the perfect toppings to complement your tasty treat. It’s not just a dessert: it’s an experience!

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

Root beer float

This classic, simple American dessert contains just two ingredients: root beer and vanilla ice cream (sometimes, as shown in the photo below, whipped cream is also added). Root beer is not actually a beer, but a soda with a very unique flavor. Ice cream makes this tasty treat extra creamy and delicious!

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

Classic milkshakes

What are more classically American than burgers, shakes, and fries? The saltiness of french fries perfectly accompanies the sweetness and creaminess of a milkshake. Both are excellent on a hot summer day.

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

Banana splits

A banana is topped with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and peanuts to make a delicious, cool dessert. Add hot fudge if you’re feeling crazy!

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"


Gourmet popsicles are all the rage in the U.S. at the moment. The next time you are at a farmer’s market, check to see if there is a popsicle vendor and try some of their creative flavor combinations!

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"

Classic American Hot Weather Desserts + Idioms with "Cool"


Idioms with COOL

(As) cool as a cucumber

Definition: Untroubled by heat or stress.

Example: The CAE test was stressful, but my partner was (as) cool as a cucumber during the speaking module!

Example: Nice sunglasses! You look (as) cool as a cucumber.

Keep cool

Definition: To stay calm and undisturbed (also, to literally stay cool during hot weather).

Example: How do you keep cool during an interview?

Example: We need to keep cool during the exam.

Play it cool

Definition: To make an effort to appear calm and unemotional

Example: I was so nervous during my presentation, but I tried to play it cool.

Example: Could you tell I was playing it cool?

It’s cool

Definition: You’re not upset; a way to respond to an apology.

Example: It’s cool. Don’t worry about breaking my sunglasses. They were old anyway.

Example: No worries, it’s cool. I ordered a different burrito, but this one looks just as tasty.

Cool it

Definition: To behave in a less excitable manner.

Example: You need to cool it. You seem really upset.

Example: Can you ask the other team to cool it? They’re playing aggressively.

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