Fall is here! It’s time for sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes (well, pumpkin everything, really!) and, for students in San Diego, it’s time to pretend that the weather is cold. (We like to wear winter clothes but then sweat the entire time, since it’s never THAT cold in SD!) To celebrate fall, we have some useful expressions that use the word “fall.”

Expressions with “fall”

Fall from grace

To go from a place where you are loved and respected to a place where you are not.

  • She lost her job, and that was the beginning of her fall from grace.


Fall in love

To experience the emotions of love toward someone.

  • I fell in love the first time I saw you.


Fall on deaf ears

To speak, but not be heard.

  • My complaints fell on deaf ears.


Fall short (of something)

To be missing something; to miss a goal.

I wanted to run the marathon in 2 hours, but I fell short of my goal.


Fall under someone’s spell

To be under the control of another person, usually because you have romantic feelings for them.

  • He fell under her spell and could never say “no” to her.