If you are studying at CISL San Francisco this year, we have some New Year’s Resolutions suggestions that will be fun to keep! Follow these guidelines and you will be an honorary San Franciscan!

Five New Year’s Resolutions for CISL SF Students

Mission District San Francisco
The unique, vibrant, Mission District in SF.


1. Know your neighborhoods.

The Mission? Financial District? Haight-Ashbury? Know your neighborhoods, and which ones you prefer for eating, socializing, and partying. They all have their own unique vibes, and chances are that one will match your personality!

Coffee Shop
Which coffee shop will be your favorite place to socialize and study? Photo source.


2. Have a favorite coffee shop

San Franciscans love their coffee, and the city offers loads of great coffee shops with fun, cozy, and classy atmospheres. Try them out, and then stick with your favorite: the barista will know your favorite drink in no time. Check out our article on Coffee in SF for some recommendations!

Did you know that there are free yoga lessons on Sunday? Click here for more information, and for this photo source.


3. Exercise

Make all the jokes you want about Americans being overweight . . . but you’ll sound silly: San Franciscans are some of the most healthy people in the U.S., and exercise is an incredibly important part of their lifestyles. Bicycle, jog, hike, join a team, do some yoga: the city offers it all. Check out our Exercise Guide for ESL Students for some recommendations for teams and clubs to join; also be sure to read our article on Free Yoga in San Francisco and Hiking Around SF to learn about some of the best hiking trails in the region.

Will your favorite be the California burrito . . . or the Mission burrito? Photo from Shutterstock.


4. Eat well

San Francisco is also the culinary hub of the West Coast. Take advantage of the fresh seafood and the incredible fusion cuisine, and don’t forget that (California-style) Mexican food is a must-try. But it’s up to you to decide if the Mission Burrito is better than its rival, San Diego’s California Burrito: check out our article on Burrito Culture before sampling both delicious foods!

Sonoma Valley Winery
CISL SF student Roman took a trip to Napa. Click here to learn all about his awesome experience!

5. Drink well

A difficult resolution, we know. You are a short trip from the Napa Valley, which is the king of Cabernet. But the area also offers some absolutely incredible Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Zinfandel . . . actually, the Napa Valley offers great wines from a number of varietals! Try them all (over time, and responsibly, of course)! And don’t forget to try some of California’s many delicious craft beers as well: they are award-winning and gaining worldwide acclaim.

And, because San Francisco is so great that we simply can’t give FIVE resolutions, here is a sixth . . .

CISL SF student Cornelia details her experience renting a car in her article, “Getaround SF.”


6. Take a road trip!

You can’t study English in San Francisco without taking a road trip to Lake Tahoe, or Los Angeles, or Monterey . . . California is a big, beautiful state with much to explore! Where are YOU going this weekend?

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