One of the most fun aspects of learning English is vocabulary that impresses your friends and teacher. Learning some of the names for baby animals is a great way to do this!

First off, make sure that you know the names of all of these animals:

Bear, cat, cow, deer, dog, duck, eagle, elephant, elk, fish, fox, frog, goat, goose, horse, lion, moose, mouse, otter, pig, rat, reindeer, salmon, seal, sheep, swan, tiger, walrus, whale, wolf.


Can you match these animals with the names of the babies? There are fewer baby animal names than there are adult animals, so some of these will be used for several of the adult animals.

Cub, kitten, calf, fawn, pup, duckling, eaglet, minnow, kit, tadpole, kid, gosling, colt, piglet, fry, lamb, cygnet


Hint 1: Some of the names are a little obvious!

Hint 2: Try putting some of the animals into groups first, like large mammals that are similar to cows, etc. Often, animals that are similar also share baby animal names.


Scroll down to see if you matched correctly.



bear, lion, tiger, wolf, fox                                           cub

cat                                                                                        kitten

cow, elk, moose, elephant, reindeer, whale        calf

deer                                                                                      fawn

dog, fox, wolf, otter, seal, walrus, mouse, rat     pup

duck                                                                                      duckling

eagle                                                                                     eaglet

fish                                                                                         minnow

fox                                                                                         kit

frog                                                                                        tadpole

goat                                                                                       kid

goose                                                                                    gosling

horse                                                                                    colt

pig                                                                                          piglet

salmon                                                                                 fry

sheep                                                                                   lamb

swan                                                                                     cygnet