CISL students receive hours of English conversation practice while in the classroom Monday through Friday, but the learning does not end once classtime does! The following list includes some of the many ways CISL students can practice English while studying in SF and SD. How many of these things have you tried?

Fun ways to practice English while studying at CISL

San Diego and San Francisco are hubs for exercise lovers, and both cities are considered some of the best in regard to yoga instruction.


We all have to exercise . . . why not make it an opportunity to learn English as well? San Diego’s incredibly warm weather makes it a great place to exercise outside, and both SD and SF have many companies that organize team sports. Check out our article on Exercise in the U.S. for some ideas on how to get fit and practice your English. Yoga, anyone?

The ideal Sunday!

2. Join a Meet Up group is an excellent website for international students (and a great phrasal verb as well). The website puts you in contact with other people in the city who are looking to play a game, practice a sport, learn something new . . . the possibilities are endless! You can organize your own Meet Up or you can join an existing one. It’s a great way to make friends!

Yi Yan4
Art, wine . . . a perfect combo!

3. Take a class

Art classes, cooking classes, surf instruction, ice skating . . . San Diego and San Francisco both provide opportunities for you to learn something new. Click here for our recent article on Cooking Classes in San Diego, or here for an article on Art Classes in SF.

Sonoma Valley Winery
California wines are astounding: visit a vineyard and see why!

4. Go wine or beer tasting

San Diego is the beer capital of the United States, and San Francisco is so close to Napa, so of course beer and wine tastings are a big part of the lives of locals! Take advantage of the incredible craft beer scene and the beauty of Napa and Sonoma by going on beer or wine tastings. Click here for our Guide to San Diego Breweries and our Road Trip to Napa article, and also check out our student’s Experiences in Napa.

Add “Professional Dog Walker” to your CV while you are studying in California!

5. Volunteer

Give back to the community that gives so much to you: volunteer! There are plenty of opportunities to do so in both San Diego and San Francisco. The CISL San Francisco Activities Calendar includes several volunteer opportunities of the month, and the front desk at CISL is happy to provide you with information on how to get involved and volunteer in SD.

What are some ways that you have gotten involved while studying at CISL? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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