February is the month of love, and we cannot resist a post on interesting idioms that use the word “love.” As you can see, all of these idioms might use the word “love,” yet they are not necessarily used to describe something romantically.

Make sure to use the conversation questions at the end of the lesson so that you can practice using these idioms!


Idioms with the word “love”

All’s fair in love and war

Definition: There are no rules in either of these situations!

Face only a mother could love

Definition: A horrible, mean thing to say to someone . . . so usually we use it in a very joking sense! A strange-looking little dog might inspire you to use this expression, or another funny looking animal.

Head over heels in love

Definition: There certainly are degrees of love, and this one is definitely for those who are very, VERY in love!

Labor of love

Definition: A project that you put your heart into deserves this expression.

No love lost

Definition: Have you ever had a falling-out with someone? Perhaps you do not feel very bad about it? There was no love lost between you two.

Tough love

Definition: Being a parent can be difficult: sometimes, you have to be the “bad guy!” This is the epitome of tough love. It usually comes with the expression we all hate to hear (and cannot argue with): “You’ll thank me when you’re older!”

Puppy love

Definition: Young love, experienced by teenagers, is usually called puppy love. There is a very famous old song of the same title: Donny Osmond: Puppy Love. Check it out! We guarantee that your host parents will know this song!


Conversation questions

1. What is an example of a time that your parents used tough love on you? Do you think that it worked? Do you think that it was harder for them . . . or you?

2. Is puppy love the “real thing?” Why or why not?

3. What’s a labor of love that you have had? How much time and effort did you put in to it?

4. Do you really think that all is fair in love and war? Is there a time when you have been wronged in love and could have been told this adage?

5. Do you think that there is a time when being head over heels in love is a bad thing? Why or why not?