July is all about sunshine, barbecues, beach days, warm summer nights . . . and fireworks! The 4th of July may be over, but San Diegans enjoy fireworks every evening during the summer thanks to Sea World. In honor of this nightly display, we offer some idioms associated with “smoke” and “fire.”

Idioms with SMOKE and FIRE

Go up in flames/smoke

Definition 1 (literal): to entirely burn

  • The entire house went up in flames!

Definition 2 (figurative): to completely lose all money/investments

  • He watched as his investment went up in flames.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

An expression used when you have something to say that the other person probably doesn’t want to hear.

  • You think you are stressed because you have a test? I have a presentation, an interview, and a wedding to attend this weekend. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Smoke like a chimney

To smoke a lot of cigarettes.

  • I quit smoking three years ago. I used to smoke like a chimney before I quit!

Smoke and mirrors

Something that deceives and confuses on purpose, in order to make you think differently.

  • We thought that the house was a good deal, but the advertisement was all smoke and mirrors.

When there is smoke, there is fire

A proverb used to suggest that there is some truth to many rumors (the fire is the truth; the smoke is the rumor).

  •  I couldn’t believe what the politician admitted to doing . . . but when there is smoke, there is fire.