CISL students don’t just receive the language skills needed to succeed: sometimes, they also find love!

Recently, former CISL San Diego students Ho-jun and Eunyoung (both from Korea) stopped by Converse to say hello and to visit the school where they studied English 6 years ago. But they weren’t just reliving their time as CISL students: they were visiting the place where they first met and began their romance. And this time, they were visiting as newlyweds!

Ho-jun and Eunyoung met at CISL during study hall in November 2009. Ho-jun was finishing the 7th of his 8 months in SD, and Eunyoung still had 8 months of studies planned. They were able to spend just one month together in San Diego before Ho-jun returned to Seoul.

Distance did not keep the two lovebirds apart: Ho-jun waited for Eunyoung to return to Korea . . . and on January 30, 2016, they got married!

San Diego was the perfect place for their honeymoon, and while enjoying the city where they met and fell in love, Ho-jun and Eunyoung stopped by to say hello and thank CISL for giving them language AND love. Ho-jun currently works for Samsung, and told CISL that “Converse helped me get a job [when I returned to Seoul] because I had improved my English.”  Eunyoung is currently a student and is studying education so that she can become a teacher.

We would like to wish Ho-jun and Eunyoung a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for sharing your story with us! We hope you have a wonderful time reminiscing while in San Diego and we are so honored to have helped you improve your language skills AND be a part of your love story.