February is the month of love . . . but love isn’t something we celebrate for just these 28 days. Whether you are single or taken, you will find ways to use these love-related phrasal verbs!


Love-related phrasal verbs

Hit on someone

Definition: to flirt with someone; to make it obvious that you like them.

Example: He was hitting on me all night.


Hit it off

Definition: to like someone immediately.

Example: We met at a baseball game, and we hit it off right away.


Ask someone out

Definition: to ask someone on a date.

Example: He asked me out to the movies on Friday night.


Go out

Definition: To go on a date or to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Example: We are going out this Saturday.

Example: We have been going out since December.

These two are GOING OUT on a date.


Hook up

Definition: to have a physical relationship.

Example: We hooked up, but we are not dating.


Make out

Definition: to kiss . . . a lot.

Example: They were making out all night. Gross!


Break up

Definition: To end a relationship.

Example: We broke up last week.


Make up

Definition: To stop fighting and become a couple again.

Example: We broke up, but a week later, we made up.


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