“There is no better food neighborhood in America than San Francisco’s Mission District.” -Paolo Lucchesi, San Francisco Chronicle  

San Francisco’s Mission District is known for its restaurants, art, shops, culture, and Latino/Latina history. If you live in the Bay Area, then a trip to the Mission District isn’t just a one-time experience: it’s something you do again and again! Try the dishes on this list, which includes new favorites and old classics.

Mission District Dining Guide

Mission District Dining Guide

Classic Mission District Dishes

Try these classic Mission District dishes; these are all from restaurants that have been in the Mission District for many years:

Latino/a Mission District Dishes

The Mission District is known for its Latino/a culture and history, so it’s no surprise that it is also where the Mission Burrito (a classic California burrito) was created. Read our article about Northern California vs. Southern California burritos to learn more about this! You can always get a burrito in the Mission District, but don’t forget that you can also find delicious foods from many Latino/a cultures: the area has Mexican, Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian restaurants that serve delicious and traditional cuisine:

Mission District Dining Guide

Mission District Street Vendor Dishes

Street vendors are an important part of the Mission District culture. Here are some of their specialties: