Today we are revisiting this month’s Grammar Lesson on homophones. You might remember that homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Below is the list of words that we provided in the lesson:

Break and Brake, Close and Clothes, Dough and Doe, Eye and I, Hay and Hey, Mail and Male, Pain and Pane, Peace and Piece, Rain and Reign

How well can you distinguish the differences between these words? Test your knowledge with this little quiz:

1. I decided to give my car’s ___________ a ___________ because they seemed hot after I used them to drive down the mountain. (Break and Brake)

2. Put on your _______ and __________ the door! (Close and Clothes)

3. As I was kneeding the ___________, I looked outside and saw a ___________. (Dough and Doe)

4. __________ have my __________ on you! (Eye and I)

5. ___________! Have you seen all of the ___________ to feed the horses? (Hay and Hey)

6. Our __________man is a __________. (Mail and Male)

7. I experienced severe __________ after running into the window ____________. (Pain and Pane)

8. A _____________ of an olive tree is a symbol of _______________. (Peace and Piece)

9. There was a lot of _________ on the day the Queen’s ___________ began. (Rain and Reign)