I have been studying at CISL San Francisco for 2 months. I want to improve my writing and reading skills for the TOEFL Exam. My listening skills are okay because I watch T.V. in English. My goal for the TOEFL is 102 because I want to get my MBA in Marketing in California.

CISL SF Toefl student Saeed gets ready to skydive!This was my first time skydiving and I went with my friend from Junior High school. I wanted to go because everyone has told me that it is really amazing. One difficult part was signing the papers before I jumped. I had to put my family’s phone numbers in case something bad happened. I called my friend in Saudi Arabia at 3:00 am to let him know that I was going to jump!

My TOEFL Exam was Friday and I went skydiving on Saturday so maybe the 14,000 ft. jump was a stress release. The experienced personnel jump 6 to 8 times a day, so I think it is quite safe. Now I really want to jump alone without the guys on my back.

For the free fall you don’t think of anything. No TOEFL Exam, vocabulary, or grammar. Your mind is clear and you can just be happy 🙂

By Saeed (Saudi Arabia), CISL San Francisco TOEFL student