The Academy Awards (also known as “The Oscars”) were held on Sunday night. Celebrities dressed in their best and walked the red carpet, and many Americans excitedly watched as awards were given to filmmakers, actors, and actresses. Many San Diegans were watching for another reason: to see if a local film, Inocente, would win the award for “Best Documentary Short Film.”


Featured image and above photo from the Inocente Facebook page.

Inocente is a film about a 15-year-old artist (named Inocente) and her struggle to survive as a homeless child. For the last nine years of her life, Inocente, her mother, and her three brothers have not lived in the same place for more than three months. Daily life is hard, and dreams like Inocente’s–being an artist and breaking away from a world of poverty–seem impossible. But Inocente is driven to succeed, and her inspirational and colorful story becomes a beautiful documentary.

Throughout the documentary are shots of San Diego: the beautiful skyline, Liberty Station, the beaches, Coronado Bridge, and Downtown. Past and current students might be excited to see some beautiful footage of the city. But most exciting is the documentary itself: Inocente’s vibrant paintings, her struggle to live in poverty, and her positive attitude while growing up in a difficult situation.

Would you like to see Inocente? The film is currently showing in many U.S. theaters and will soon be on iTunes. You can also find more information about the film on its website or watch the entire film on

Congrats to Fine Films and Inocente!