By CISL SF student, Miri Han, Korea

Kimbap and Kimchi burrito

It might look like an ordinary small convenience store in the Financial District. But you can have great Kimbap (Korean style maki) and Kimchi burrito here. In small Kitchen John’s mother and some Mexican women cook 10 kinds of Korean food. When I heard of John’s Snack and Deli through Korean-San Francisco community, I was pleased I could get Korean food in San Francisco but I didn’t expect that I would see Americans waiting for food in line there. When I got there, I was surprised to see American – they didn’t look like Korean at least- filled with the small store during lunchtime.

Kimbap and Kimchi burritoAfter coming back home I googled and I found many Americans loved those foods, especially Kimbap and Kimchi burrito. You can try Beef kimbap, Spam kimbap, Vegetable kimbap, Tuna kimbap and Kimchi kimbap ($3,25-$3.75). They are rolled with carrots, pickled daikon, cucumber, rice and sesame oil and your choice (beef, spam, vegetable, tuna and Kimchi). When you get there, you could see John’s mother is always rolling Kimbap so you could get fresh Kimbap. I also found people loved the Kimchi burrito($5.95). The Kimchi burrito is stuffed with beef, chicken or pork, kimchi, rice, lettuce, salsa, onions and cilantro. Some people say that this burrito is better than any other burrito in this city and people love it calling getting it “Ultra spicy suicide kimchi burrito challenge” on As Korean, for me, it was not that spicy but I guess it’d be ultra spicy for American. Why don’t you try “Ultra spicy suicide kimchi burrito challenge” yourself?

Visit John’s Snack and Deli,
40 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111.