Do you think of Hollywood when you think of California? A fascinating part of California’s history stems from its movie industry. Many movie lovers are intrigued by “old Hollywood,” which includes the glamorized decades of the 1940s and 50s and the fabulous celebrities who were famous at that time. To celebrate this time period (and the classic films that were produced during this era), San Francisco’s Castro Theatre is hosting its 11th film festival, NOIR CITY, from January 25  to February 3, 2013.

Film noir is a term that applies to Hollywood crime dramas, and the NOIR CITY festival will focus on this style of film. Three of the festival’s 27 films will be restorations of classic Hollywood films that were shot in 35mm and haven’t been seen in decades!

The festival will be held at the Castro Theatre, which was built in 1922 by three brothers.  The building was designed by Timothy L. Pflueger (1894-1946) who later became a very famous Bay Area architect. Fifty-five years later, the Castro Theatre was named the City of San Francisco’s 100th landmark. It is one of the few remaining movie palaces in the nation from the 1920s still working.

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