There’s Guinness, there’s a glass of whiskey . . . but there are also plenty of Irish inspired cocktails that you should try this month! Have you sampled these tasty drinks?

St. Patty’s Day Inspired Drinks

Irish Coffee

Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and brown sugar syrup are combined and then topped with whipped cream. Drink it after dinner!

Irish Car Bomb

A shot of whiskey is dropped into a small glass of Irish stout, like Guinness. Drink with caution: that’s a lot of alcohol!

Black and Tan 

Half Guinness, half cider. Yum! (And it’s also quite pretty!)

The Emerald

Basically a Manhattan made with Irish whiskey, this is a mature cocktail that makes you feel like an Irish character on Mad Men.



OK, this isn’t exactly Irish . . . but it’s definitely green (and delicious)! This sweet, min- flavored after-dinner drink will make you pass on dessert.

St Patricks Day

Irish Expressions

CISL’s schools are located in beautiful San Francisco and sunny San Diego, so our students tend to learn more California slang (click here to learn a few words!). However, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish, we are looking at some unique Irish expressions that our friends “across the pond” (the Atlantic Ocean). How many of these have you heard before?

“A whale of a time”

  • Meaning: a good time, usually during a night out

“Go way outta that”

  • Meaning: don’t be silly; it’s no trouble

“Donkey’s years”

  • Meaning: a long time

“Put the heart crossways (in someone)”

  • Meaning: to scare someone