What is the best meal you have eaten in San Diego? We asked our Converse students this question at the beginning of March and were so impressed with their responses; in fact, we were so impressed that we couldn’t choose just one writing contest winner: we chose TWO! Congratulations to CISL San Diego students Areum Lee and Fernanda Machado: you each wrote a wonderful response to our question. Enjoy your prizes, and readers, enjoy the insight that these ladies have given us into some of the best meals in San Diego!


Fernanda Machado, Brazil


My best meal in San Diego


The best meal I have had in San Diego was in a steakhouse located in Downtown. It is called “The Great Steak”. I love steakhouses because they have a great variety of sides and many options without milk derivatives, as I am lactose intolerant.

Firstly, I started with a huge Caesar salad, which is a great specialty of the United States. In Brazil that salad is not as good as here. Additionally, it is an excellent option for people like me, who are trying to maintain good shape.

Secondly and the main part: the steak. It was perfectly grilled. I like it medium rare, tender and a little crispy on the top. It was a perfect meal, especially after I had traveled for five hours.

Finally, the steakhouse “The Great Steak” was my best meal in San Diego up until now. I recommend it to everyone who likes steaks. In fact, this restaurant deserves to be included in my “Top 10 restaurants” list and I will do my best to continuously improve that list.


Areum Lee, Korea 

The best meal that I have eaten in San Diego was the dinner I had yesterday with my host father and his friends.

I live with a host family and two other people who are friends of my host father from France. However, they are going back to France today. So, we had dinner together in the evening. My host father came back home after he bought groceries and he started to cook with his friends. On the main menu was grilled salmon with some vegetables. Some female friends of my host father were invited to dinner. While my host father and his friends from France were cooking, I talked with the ladies.

After my host father finished cooking, we sat around the table and enjoyed grilled salmon, vegetables and wine. It was very, very delicious! The grilled salmon was so soft and the vegetables were fresh! We enjoyed the dinner while listening to good music.

It was a great time!


Did you notice that the topic, “What’s the best meal you’ve had in San Diego?” included the Present Perfect tense? If you need a little help understanding this tense, check out our Grammar of the Month lesson for March: The Present Perfect with Specific Time.

Thank you to each of the students who participated! Stay tuned for the next contest:

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