What is the one activity that most CISL San Diego students MUST try? Surfing! Last week our student Benjamin and his friends hit the waves and shared their experience (and photos) with us. Looks like they had a great time!


This was the first time that Benjamin tried to surf. After his first attempt at surfing, he believes it is easier to do than it seems: by the end of his lesson he was able to get up on the board at least once. He plans on surfing again before he leaves San Diego.

Benjamin’s surf instructor was friendly, and since he was able to stand up on the board once, it seems like she definitely knows what she is talking about!

Benjamin recommends surfing to any students who are interested in the sport. He also recommends certain beaches over others: although he has been to Coronado and Pacific Beaches, he prefers PB. According to Benjamin, “The beach has a better ‘vibe’ because there are younger people. And it seems like the ‘party place’.”

Thanks for sharing your first surfing experience with us, Benjamin! We hope that you have an opportunity to practice your skills again soon!