It’s phrasal verb month at CISL!

Many students groan when they hear the words “phrasal verb.” We understand why: there are MANY phrasal verbs in the English language, and the only way to learn them is to memorize them. There is no “quick fix” when it comes to learning phrasal verbs!

Or is there? Take the “30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge” with us and find out! Here is how it works: read the list of phrasal verbs below. Each day during the month of May, learn a new phrasal verb. CISL will provide quizzes for you to practice these phrasal verbs  in order to test your memory. Who knows? It could be…. fun? Yep, FUN!

What IS a phrasal verb? Check out our post on Phrasal Verbs to learn more.


Converse International School of Languages 30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge

1. Go on – continue

Student: “Teacher, I have something to tell you… I… I…”

Teacher: “Go on.”

Student: “I didn’t do my homework!”


2. Set up – to establish something

We set up the party early and then we relaxed.


3. Pick up – to clean

This room was filthy so I had to pick it up.


4. Pick up – to give a ride to someone

I have to pick up my little brother at eight.


5. Go out – to date someone.

We have been going out for three months.


6. Find out – discover; learn of

I just found out that my great-grandmother was from Japan! That means I am part Japanese!


7. Come up – to happen unexpectedly. (Also literal.)

I wanted to visit my friend, but something came up and I couldn’t go.


8. Make up – to create a story

I made up a story about how I was lost at sea… and my nephew believed it!


9. Take over –to take control

The country took over the other country after the war.


10. Work out – to solve a problem

We need to work this out before we go home, or we will have a lot of work to do tomorrow!


11. Take up – to start a new hobby

I took up snorkeling when I moved to San Diego.


12. Turn out – to end (usually in an unexpected way)

I was so worried that I would burn my dinner, but it turned out great!


13. Take on – to start a new project or challenge

I took on a new job at work and I am so busy!


14. Give up – to quit

I gave up playing the guitar. I was not good!


15. Look up – to search for information

I looked up my boss on the internet, and he has an impressive resume!


16. Take out – to take someone on a date

Can I take you out sometime?


17. Jot down – to write quickly

Jot down your shopping list before you go to the grocery store.


18. Turn up – to appear

I had been looking for my glasses all day. They turned up under the sofa.


19. Bring up – to mention a person or thing;

I shouldn’t have brought up Sarah’s ex-boyfriend. I didn’t realize that they had broken up!


20. Bring up – to raise a child

I was brought up by my grandparents after my parents passed away.


21. Bring back – to return

That song brought back memories of high school!


22. Break down – to fall apart; to have a physical or mental collapse

I broke down after I heard that my dog needed surgery.


23. Take off – to begin to fly

My plane takes off at ten.


24. Take back – to cancel a statement

I take back what I said about your sister being so nice. She was rude to me today!


25. Go in – pay a part of

Do you want to go in on a new camera with me for Mom’s birthday?


26. Set off – make angry

Getting an expensive bill really set James off!


27. Bring about – make something happen

To bring about change, you must first educate people on the problem.


28. Put off – postpone

I put off writing my paper and now it is due in two hours!


29. Make up – to forgive and stop fighting

We made up after a big fight.


30. Break up – to end a relationship

After we made up, we fought again and we broke up.


Are you ready for the Phrasal Verb Challenge? In 30 days, you will know many more phrasal verbs than you do now. We encourage you to participate!