Seattle may be the U.S. city most often associated with coffee (it was the birthplace of Starbucks!) but San Francisco’s laid-back coffee shops serving up delicious roasts give Seattle a run for its money.* Check out some of these excellent coffee shops while you are studying English in San Francisco.

*run for its money = competition; of equal quality 

The Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

Philz Coffee (Civic Center)

748 Van Ness Ave.

Philz is known for its attention to detail (they brew each cup one at a time!) and its delicious, inventive drinks. Local favorites include the iced mint mojito coffee: runner-ups include the gingersnap and ambrosia flavored coffees.


Photo from Philz.
Photo from Philz.

Philz Coffee (Mission)

3101 24th Street

Another of the six Philz locations in the city (and the original!), this location of known for its relaxed atmosphere. Chill out (and drink a chilled drink)!

Photo from Hollow.


1435 Irving Street

A cozy, comfortable place to grab a coffee, a pot of tea, or do some shopping (the owners have a cute shop next door), Hollow is also a great place to study during the summer months because of its outdoor seating.

Photo from Blue Bottle Coffee.
Photo from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (Hayes Valley)

315 Linden Street

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. has several locations in San Francisco, but the Hayes Valley shop is known by locals as the best because of its great service. The New Orleans iced coffee and the affogato (hot espresso poured over vanilla ice cream) are some of its specialties. We also recommend the delicious waffles!

Photo from Jane on Fillmore.
Photo from Jane on Fillmore.

Jane on Fillmore

2123 Fillmore Street

Jane’s coffee is incredibly delicious, and just as tasty are the gluten-free treats and salads. Even the basic “bread and jam” is scrumptious at this location!

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