Pablo, Volunteer English Student, SPAIN

I’m a Website Designer from Spain and I studied at CISL San Francisco for 3 weeks. I was here for personal development although I speak English at work too. Learning idioms was so nice for me; it was actually my first time to learn about idioms in the classroom. CISL San Francisco is a great place because the classes don’t end in the classroom; they end with Bill (Activity Coordinator) and activities!

The school facilities are nice. Many days we went to the Multimedia Room to spend time after lunch learning and working with friends. We even translated our resumes into English. It’s great to have friends from many different countries. My closest friends are from Korea and Switzerland and we HAD to speak English to each other because we all speak different languages! Everyone at CISL San   Francisco is so nice. It’s like being at home, of course!

Bill (Teacher and Activity Coordinator)

Hi everyone! My name is Bill and I was born in Massachusetts, but I have lived in California since I was three. When I was a teenager, I was very fortunate as my high school had many foreign exchange students. This is where my love of meeting people from other cultures began. I enjoyed spending time and hosting international dinners and potlucks at home with classmates from all over the world. After high school, I received my degree in Photography, and also studied graphic design.  I have been teaching since 1991, and in 1996 I went to Busan, South Korea and started teaching English.

This is my second time working at CISL San Francisco, and I have really enjoyed having such a fun job in such a friendly and cosmopolitan city. I plan excursions that are really diverse– like touring different neighborhoods, hiking, visiting museums, trying new restaurants and watching local sports teams– that give a good introduction to “The City”. Participants not only see the landmarks, but they also learn why they are important to our way of life. New students should definitely try our incredible restaurant scene. Don’t go to restaurants with food from your own country while you are in San Francisco. You can do that at home! Instead, try new things and get