The teachers’ room at CISL San Francisco is filled with a variety of resources and textbooks which focus on grammar, business skills, conversation skills, pronunciation, and more. One afternoon during a planning session, Instructor Gena told her colleagues, “Hey, that’s my mom’s book.” Instantly the teachers became curious and took a break from what they were doing to hear more about Walk, Amble, Stroll a text focused on vocabulary building.

Gena’s love of English and passion for language learning definitely runs in the family. Gena remembered her mother Dee Holisky composing the vocabulary book with her friends Kathy Trump and Sherry Trechter when she was a little girl. “She even dedicated the book to me,” Gena shared. The only thing that could be more special than having a book dedicated to you, is being able to teach from it!

CISL San Francisco is very happy to have dedicated teachers whose interest in teaching English is even in their genes (DNA).