Summer is here! Although some argue that it is always summer in California, today marks the official first day of summer. Since we know that our students will be spending the next few months at the beach, we are celebrating with some water-related idioms. Enjoy!


A fish out of water: a person who is uncomfortable with a situation

Example: Because I grew up in California, I always drove on the right side of the road. I was a fish out of water driving on the left side of the street in England!


(be) in hot water: to be in trouble

When I forgot to turn in my report, I knew I was in hot water with my boss. I was right: he was SO angry!


Water off a duck’s back: problems do not bother you

My boss’s criticisms were very harsh, but I understand that it was necessary for him to critique my last presentation. So his c0mments were like water off a duck’s back.


(be) water under the bridge: a former problem or situation is over and forgiven

Friend 1: “I am really sorry for breaking your mirror.”

Friend 2: “That is ok! I totally forgive you. It is water under the bridge.”


Come on in, the water’s fine!: encouraging someone to do something

Friend 1: “The pool looks cold!”

Friend 2: “Come on in! The water’s fine!” 


CISL wishes all of our students a wonderful, warm summer filled with lots of fun!