CISL students are awesome at answering TOEFL and Cambridge prompts… but can they be creative writers as well? They sure can! This month we challenged our Advanced Level students to write a story using some random words, like “squirrel” and “flag” and “consequently”. We loved reading the creative stories! Congrats to Manami, our winner. Enjoy Manami’s story, “A Stupid King”.

Manami Maeshiro
A Stupid King

A long long time ago, there was a small kingdom which was surrounded by dense forests. This kingdom had beautiful nature, and its citizens lived happily. One thing though, only one thing, they had a problem. Their king was so stupid.

One day the king got a present from the King of another country. It was a cute little squirrel. This squirrel really appealed to him. He spent all day with this little creature, and then he came up with a “good” idea. It was a good idea for him but not to the citizens. The King made a law that all the citizens should have a squirrel as a pet, and he changed the Kingdom’s flag to one with a squirrel on it. Many people disagreed with this law; consequently they didn’t get a squirrel. The people who don’t have a squirrel got a ticket and had to pay a large fee. Many people got a squirrel reluctantly.

After a few years, some celebrities tried to change this law. So they gave a TV to the King. This TV was the newest model, so the king was so pleased After the king got the TV, he lost interest in the squirrels.

This celebrity became easily victorious, because the king was so stupid. However, the citizens should have worked on different problems though.