Surfing, laser tag, rock climbing, soccer games . . . CISL students are very active when they are not in the classroom studying English! Students now have another opportunity to get fit while studying abroad: CISL is pleased to have partnered with Yoga One, a studio located just down the street from our school on Broadway, to offer discounted yoga classes for students.

Yoga One offers classes for students at many levels and with the CISL student ID card, each class is only $10. Recently, CISL students Rie Eyama and Cindy Baumberg took a trip to the studio for a beginner class. They were happy to report back that they had a great time!

“We never have done yoga before, so it was a new experience for us. Our teacher was so nice and friendly. The yoga studio (Yoga One) was welcoming and clean. It has a changing room for women. We liked the yoga class because it was good for beginners and we could relax. The stretching was sometimes a little bit hard, but after that, we felt much better. We want to do it again!”

Students who live in Vantaggio might want to check out Yoga One’s Sunday morning yoga classes on the roof of the Porto Vista Hotel, which is located on the same street as Vantaggio.

Yoga One offers many classes each day of the week. To check out their schedule, visit the Yoga One website or check out the YogaOne Facebook Page for updates on new classes. Students who live in our residence hall, Vantaggio, might be interested in Yoga One’s Sunday morning Rooftop Yoga classes on the roof of the Porto Vista Hotel, which is located on the same street at Vantaggio. With San Diego’s beautiful weather, the classes are rarely canceled . . . even in the winter months! Don’t have a mat? Don’t worry! Yoga One offers free mats to students. You only need to bring a water bottle, yoga attire, and a towel. (This is especially necessary for the heated classes.) To find out when the next CISL class is, visit the Front Desk and ask Lorena for a copy of the Activities Calendar.