Are you a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” type of person? In English, we ask this question to find out if a person is more positive or more negative. Regardless of your tendency to be more or less positive, these idioms about hope and positivism are incredibly useful!

Five Positive Idioms

Every cloud has a silver lining

Panamint Springs Clouds

  • Meaning: Even bad things have a positive side.
  • Example: The day I lost my job, I went to a coffee shop: there, I met someone who became my girlfriend. So I guess every cloud has a silver lining.


Knock on wood

  • Meaning: An expression and action to counteract something bad happening.
  • Example: We will have dinner outside because it isn’t going to rain on Saturday . . . knock on wood.


Come hell or high water


  • Meaning: Something will happen, regardless of the obstacles in the way.
  • Example: I’m sick now, but come hell or high water I’m attending your wedding next week!


To be off the hook

  • Meaning: To be free of consequences or punishment.
  • Example: Our meeting is canceled, so you’re off the hook! You don’t have to give the presentation today.


To be on the same page


  • Meaning: To have an understanding with someone; to agree.
  • Example: I want to present a short movie and slides during the presentation, and my partner is on the same page.

Places in SF that make us happy

#1: Chinatown

Photo courtesy of SFCMA.
Photo courtesy of SFCMA.

The restaurants, the shops, the festivals, the bustle: Chinatown is an exciting place! San Franciscans love to check out the authentic neighborhood and enjoy the Chinese culture of SF.


#2: Lombardi Street

San Francisco Lombardi Street

SF’s most famous (and crooked) street is of course a huge tourist destination, but it lives up to the hype: the views are spectacular!

#3: The Pier

San Francisco Pier Boat Ship

Walking along San Francisco’s piers, people watching, and browsing the shops is an afternoon tradition for many locals. You never know what delicious treats you’ll find in restaurants and bakeries (or how many seals you will spot)!

#4: Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park is an excellent place to to a break from the hectic pace of The City.

Grab a blanket, some friends, and some snacks . . . and then enjoy beautiful Dolores Park on a sunny California day. You won’t regret it!

Photos from Shutterstock unless otherwise specified.