We know. Life in California is awesome. The beaches? Awesome. The friendly people? Awesome. The weekend trips to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Julian, Santa Barbara? Awesome. And, of course, living in San Diego or San Francisco while studying English at CISL is AWESOME.

What’s not awesome? Not having enough words to describe these experiences, resulting in overuse of this very awesome word!

To help our students describe their next fish taco, Giants game, or trip to LA, we have a list of synonyms for awesome. Enjoy! The list is awesome amazing!



The fireworks over Mission Bay were amazing!


The people who work on the SF pier are so cool.


Whale watching was incredible!


The sushi we had last night in Chinatown was fantastic.

Gnarly (only in Southern California!)

Surfing in San Diego was gnarly!


The view from CISL San Francisco’s rooftop is magnificent.


San Diego’s Top of the Hyatt has marvelous views of Downtown SD, Coronado, Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean.


The burger I had from a food truck in SF was phenomenal!

Sick (another California slang word)

Beer tasting was sick!


Ana’s presentation for the CISL Premier English class was super.


Francesco’s TOEFL scores after taking the CISL TOEFL course were superb!

The bomb (more California slang!)

The bloody mary I had at Davanti in San Diego’s Little Italy was the bomb!


It is unbelievable how good the clam chowder is in SF.


Last night’s sunset over the San Diego Bay was wonderful.