If there is one place where one could linger for several days, it’s here: the 490 acres of Balboa Park are home to fifteen museums, an art colony, theaters, restaurants, clubhouse botany, zoo A field of “petanque” on grass and a plethora of buildings with various architectures, which blends Spanish baroque, southwestern and traditional contemporary structures of glass and steel. Situated in the center of the city it is a place where people use to rest and pass good time. There is many thing to do like visiting, it is a good experience to discover the culture of California inspire by  Mexico’s traditions and architecture. This is the center historical of the city. There is also a nice zoo with touching animals. The environment is relaxing you can stay for read or discuss with friends around beautiful plants, palms… For the people who wants to do sport you can also find what you want. People use to meet for play soccer, basketball, volleyball… and others sports. Sunshine time encourages people to spend their time in this park.