It is the place where the students normally sleep during the travel.You have a suite with everything you need (shower, microwave, fridge…). The place is very well located in Little Italy very close to downtown, the center of the city and Converse. There are more than 300 students so it is very easy to meet people from all the countries. Most of people come from Brazil, Switzerland, Korea and Belgium but there is also French, Spanish, Italian… There are a lot of things to do for students. For example if you are European or Brazilian and you like football, you can play all the days during the week in the park opposite of Vantaggio. Mexican players use to play here. It is a good opportunity for meeting people. For the people who like to go out during the night the clubs are in downtown. Besides all the evening students stay in front of the desk where there is a room where we can play billiard, beer-pong… with people who put music or mix. There is also a yard where you can smoke.   So during all the night boys and girls can dance, share or do what they want. Thursday is the day where there is the most of people, the student who stays on house family come to Vantaggio and it is very crazy, so much people, it looks like a club or a real party. So if you live Vantaggio  you can’t be bored, everybody can find something to do like shopping, jogging, visiting, playing sport, going out during the night… There is no better place for meeting students and enjoying his time.

by Nicolas Sayo, France