“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”
—Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Whether you are on dry land or in the water, there is always something to do at the beach! How many of these activities have you tried as a CISL student in beautiful California? Equally as important, how many of these beach-related vocabulary words do you know? Check out our Activities Calendar to see if we are organizing events such as surfing, beach trips, or other excursions. There is always something happening at CISL!

Beach activities on dry land . . .



Soak in the San Diego sun (and snap a few selfies while you’re there)! The only “problem” with sunbathing? Deciding which beach to go to! Check out our article The Personalities of San Diego’s Beaches to learn a little about the more popular locations in San Diego.

Play beach volleyball


Grab some friends and make a team, or join a team that’s already playing! Our Beach Volleyball Guide gives suggestions for places in SD to play volleyball: check out this article and learn all about this fun beach sport.

Play paddleball


All you need are paddles, a ball, and a friend for this popular beach pastime!

Explore the tide pools


Both La Jolla and Point Loma have beautiful tide pools for you to explore. Check them out and see what marine life you can find! Our article on End of Summer Activities for Students provides you all the information you need.


Beach activities in the water . . .



Would you like to bodysurf? All you need is your body, and a wave! As we all know, California’s beaches have plenty of waves for you to catch!

Boogie board


A boogie board is a small board that is used to catch waves. Instead of standing up, as in surfing, riders hold onto the board and ride the waves on their stomach. Super fun!



This beach activity is classically Californian, and incredibly popular among Southern Californians. Before you take a surfing lesson, pick up some “surfer speak” by reading our article on Surfing Slang.



Many beaches in San Diego have small companies that rent kayaks (and give kayaking tours)! Check out the calmer waters of Mission Bay, or take a guided classes in the open waters of La Jolla and explore the caves, which are only accessible by water.



The ocean beaches provide the perfect place for kitesurfing, and several companies in San Diego provide lessons and rentals. Coronado’s waters have become very popular for this extreme sport, so if you’re too intimated to try it, you can at least watch from the safety of the beach!

Stand Up Paddleboard


Stand Up Paddleboard, often called SUP, is another fairly new water sport. Try it with a friend or, if you’re crazy, try it while doing yoga! SUP Yoga is all the rage.



Explore beneath the water’s edge and see the beautiful plants and marine life of the Pacific Ocean. Bring a disposable underwater camera and take some selfies with schools of fish!



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