Last week, CISL San Diego students took a trip to Coronado, which was recently voted the best beach in the United States. (We were not surprised!)





The students shared their photos with us, and we though that we would share some fun Coronado Island facts with you. These facts come from a blog related to the local newspaper, the Union Tribune. It was written by a blogger who lives in Coronado. Enjoy!


 Fun facts about Coronado

• Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots lived here.
• There once was an ostrich farm in the heart of the village.
• Many years ago Coronado residents could hear the lions roar at the San Diego Zoo.
• Our mayor Casey Tanaka, an energetic thirty-something, is also our high school history teacher. But did you know Oscar Goodman lives in Coronado? He’s the mayor of Las Vegas!
• Local Steve Wampler, along with the backing of our community and Hollywood funny people Will Forte, Ellen Degeneres, and Will Ferrell, is vying to be the first person with Cerebral Palsy to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan next month.

Have you been to Coronado yet? We take a school trip there almost every Wednesday! Students meet in the afternoon and then walk to the Embarcadero, where they ride the ferry over to the island and enjoy the local farmer’s market. It is a beautiful ride with stunning views of the city and the bay. Ask the Activities Coordinator for more information!