We all work hard, but do you know how to express this in English? The following expressions are incredibly helpful for the ESL classroom and the English-speaking workplace. These are useful expressions to know if you are going to interview in English, but also great to use when talking about how much you study!

Do you give it 110% when you’re in class and studying at home? CISL teachers definitely give it 110% in the classroom!

Expressions for Working Hard

Giving it 110%

You give it more than the expected 100%!

  • Example: I got an excellent score on my CAE Speaking Exam! I’m so happy. I really gave it 110% in my CAE preparation class!

To give it your all/To give it all you’ve got

You don’t hold back: you give it everything you’ve got!

  • Example: If you really want to master phrasal verbs, you have to give it all you’ve got (and read our useful article on Learning Phrasal Verbs!)
San Francisco Running Runner Jogging Jogger
Going the extra mile . . . literally!

Going the extra mile

You will do more than the average person to get the job done. You go the extra mile to make things happen!

  • Example: To make sure that we passed the IELTS Speaking Module, my teacher went the extra mile and gave us many practice tests. It was awesome!

Going above and beyond

Similar to the expression above, you are willing to do what it takes, even if it means more sacrifice and hard work than normally expected!

  • Example: I was supposed to learn one new California slang word, but I went above and beyond and learned Five California Slang Words instead.

To be/to need an extra pair of hands

You are the additional help needed to get the job done. Or, do you need an extra pair of hands to get the job done? We could all use an assistant at some point!

  • Example: The beach cleanup crew needed an extra pair of hands, so I volunteered. It felt great! Now I volunteer all the time!
Volunteer Volunteers Volunteering
Anyone need an extra pair of hands?