This story happened the first week I came to San Francisco. The first time I went to an American restaurant for brunch, I looked over the menu and just selected an item which included eggs. I thought it was done but the waitress asked me “How do you want them?” All I know about cooking is rare, medium and well-done steak. But there was no steak! I was confused. So my aunt ordered instead of me and I realized that the question was about the eggs and there are many choices: scrambled eggs, over easy, over medium, over hard and sunny-side up. How specific it is! It’s interesting that there are a lot of ways for cooking even an egg.

Also the one thing still confusing me is the coins. Whenever I pay in cash, I forget which one I should give. So I spread the coins in my hand and then the cashier takes the money by himself. It makes me feel like being a baby. But I should use the coins because if I only pay with the paper money, my wallet gets heavier. Thus I love a debit card more. But whenever I have to pay in cash, I’m still a little nervous.