What is San Francisco for me??????

Before I came to San Francisco, I had decided to go to Boston to study English. Because I wanted to know how Americans study. But I didn’t go there. There were many reasons. One of them is that Boston is colder than San Francisco.

When I was flying over the San Francisco, I was surprised by the beautiful views. When the airplane was landing, I got excited and scared. Actually it was the first time out of my country. I thought many things like how to live, how to make friends, and what to do in emergency situation, but it was a good place to live and to study. Americans were very kind to me. After taking level test, I went to Bank of America to open my account. I didn’t know how to open an account in San Francisco. But it was so easy Because of the staff. They were kind and they helped me to understand about their account. After that, I took a walk for about 2 hours. There were many restaurants and cafés.  I was wondering about StarBucks. I went there and I ordered a caramel machiatto Grande, But it was the wrong choice. Because I hadn’t eaten anything, I got stomach ache. I had to go to my residence. I couldn’t do anything for a day.      I didn’t do many things in San Francisco, But I think I’ll get used to staying here. After one month, I will try to drink a caramel machiatto again.

Converse International School of Language.    –CISL-

Last Sunday I couldn’t help but go to CISL. I wanted exactly to know where it was. I had already seen it on Google. It was amazing that I see the road of the San Francisco on Google.

It is the first school of language for me to study English out of country. Everything was awkward. I couldn’t speak English when I got to class. Pronunciation that is not familiar is hard to listen to. But I think it will get better. I think it is the last chance to improve my speaking skills, writing and pronunciation. After studying in here, I have to prepare to get a job. I’ll really study English hard for 1 year. I want teacher to help me to achieve my goal. I thought it was lucky to come here. Because I met good teacher and friends.