In my case, I’ve never been to America. Before I came here, I was a little worried about what would be happened. I still remember my first day in San Francisco. Everything was so different from my own country that I couldn’t do well what I had to do. For example, when I had to take the Muni (bus), I didn’t recognize the stop that I had to get off, so I went to the Cathedral of St. Mary. Now I’m used to taking the Muni. I feel really sorry for raising the fare of Muni. It’s totally a tragedy! The current price is high enough.

Speaking of English, I don’t regret my choice. In Converse, I met a lot of people who came from different countries. I believe that you can’t master English only by books or lessons. Fortunately, the people who I met in Converse are funny. They know how to enjoy their own life. I always go out with them. I can feel that my speaking skill is pretty improved because of that. At the same time, I have unforgettable memories of San Francisco. (Also, I now know some fabulous clubs.) I live in my second home with my second family, whom I really love. I’m not sure the city feels the same way I do. But San Francisco, I love you!