Denise’s Level 9 Class recently took a fun “test” to interpret what their dreams say about their personalities. This fun and interesting exercise gave them an opportunity to do some creative writing, AND it allowed them to find out a little about their classmate’s views on life and love.

Creative Writing Exercise: What our Dreams Tell Us About our Personalities

Creative Writing Exercise: What our Dreams Tell Us About our Personalities

Here is the writing prompt:

– You are walking through a forest; describe it.
– Through this forest is a path; describe it.
– Along the path you come upon a key; what does it look like; what condition is it in? Do you pick it up?
– Farther along the path you find a cup; what does it look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in? Do you pick it up?
– As you continue walking, you come to an obstacle; describe it.
– What do you do? If you go around it or past it, then how?
– Next you happen upon a body of water; describe it. Do you get in it? How fast is it flowing?
– As you walk along, you come to a shelter of some sort; what does it look like? Do you spend the night?
– Finally, you’re walking along when you reach a fence; what does this fence look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?
– Beyond the fence is a field; describe that. Do you go over the fence into the field?

Creative Writing Exercise: What our Dreams Tell Us About our Personalities

Student Writing Samples

Here are some of their answers. What do you think that their interpretations say about their personalities?

“It’s dark and the moon is lighting up the forest. There are tall trees everywhere, on which I can see a lot of different animals, from birds to monkeys. The forest is pretty silent, and I can hear the sound of a snake coming towards me!

In front of me I can see a small lake. I would like to wash my toes in it. I’m entering the lake when I suddenly see a big crocodil swimming in my direction ready to eat me!

I’m running as far as I can from the lake when I accidentally see something shining on a stone: it is a key! On it can read: ‘Follow the path and you will reach a cavern.’ I’m running fast and silently as I’m entering the cavern. In front of me there is a locked box: should I open it?

I’m too scared to open it, so I decide to look for the way out of the forest. However, a huge wall prevents me from escaping! I’m trying to climb it, and when I reach the top, I’m able to see the sea. Where am I?

I’m jumping off the wall when I finally wake up: it was just a dream.”

“I’m walking through a forest. I see many trees. They’re everywhere. It’s very humid and cold. I see a river. There’s a bear trying to catch a fish for his lunch. It’s near midday. I have walked all morning, and I have no food. I have no water. I was with my friends, but I got lots when I tried to take a picture of a beautiful lanscape. I’m thirsty. I need water. The bear is gone, so I go the river to drink. It seems clean… I don’t know… but I need it. What is that near the water? It’s bright. Let me check it out… a key? Here? Hey wait! Maybe there is a house near here and I can find clean water. How am I going to find it? I have been walking since morning and I haven’t seen anything. What is that near that giant tree? It looks like a good that does to somwhere underground. The key! It works! SHall I go in? I have no food, no water. What can be worse than this? I’m going in.

It looks like a long and dark corridor. I just see one light at the end of it. I’m walking for 5 minutes, and here I am. A barrier? Maybe if I cross it then I can find someone to help me. It’s difficult to cross and it’s so high. Wait! There’s a hole here. Maybe I can pass through it. Yes! Wow! It looks like paradise. It’s a resort! I see my friends now. Everything is ok.”

“It’s a warm summer day. The bright sun flahsed through the tops of the trees. I’m walking on a path of pebbles. The birds are singing and a soft breeze blows on my face. I hear the soft sounds of a little stream. I pass over a little bridge: the stream is surrounded by thousands of beautiful little white flowers.

Suddenly, I come to a shrine that holds a golden key. An old fashioned one with teeth, about 4 inches long. I was wondering to which door this key might belong. I took it in my hand and it felt very light, though it looked rather heavy.

As I walked on I came to a huge white gate. It was built out of white bricks and had a wide arrow on it. The bars of the gate were golden and the lock looked like my key would fit in it. I tried the key in the lock and as I turned it, the gate opened itself. I looked at this quiet, peaceful place and realized that this must be paradise… I must be dead. Deep in the back of my mind I found that memory, two headlights of a train rushing toward me…”

Creative Writing Exercise: What our Dreams Tell Us About our Personalities

Interpretations of Dreams

What do these stories tell about the student’s personalities? Here are the interpretations of the different parts of the story, and what these parts represent:

– The forest represents your outlook on life; how you feel (overall) about life.

– The path represents your plan in life, and is generally more current; i.e. how your life is being lived, or how you see it going.

– The key represents knowledge. If you pick it up, then education is important to you.

– The cup represents your view of love. Was it broken or fragile? Was it solid and complete, pretty, clean or covered with dirt?

– The obstacle represents the challenges in your life; how you normally handle them or deal with them.

– The water represents your sensual side. If you get in it, this means that you basically feel good about it. If not, perhaps you avoid it, or it’s not particularly important to you, or enjoyable.

– The shelter is your view of home life. Again, if you spend the night, it’s likely you feel comfortable about your present home situation.

– The fence represents religion. Does it have hard lines, or broken ones? Is it imposing, or easy to jump over?

– The field represents your view of heaven. Is it pleasant, or threatening? Do you go over the fence and into the field? If so, you’re probably not afraid of death.

This is a great activity to do with friends or with your classmates. Thanks to Denise and her students for sharing!