Shin’s Level 9 class recently visited an exhibit called “The Art of Trees” at the San Diego Harbor. After the trip, his students took some time to write about their experiences. Here are some of their opinions about the exhibit:

“I was surprised after visiting ‘The Art of Trees’ at the Harbor, because beforehand, I didn’t expect that much. I was wrong!

I really think it is a good idea to do and show this public art and it also shows a creative, cultural side of the city of San Diego. The art trees were very interesting because you can contrast your opinion of them to the many perspectives that other people have towards them. You realize how different your interpretation is than the artist’s interpretation or the intepretations of others.

These art trees make the city look pretty interesting and different from others, as art is seen by everyone. That means that people who like art, or not, are able to see it, to interpret it and to give their own opinion of it. In this was, the trees make art accessible to everyone.

I personally liked one art tree called “Lean on Me” by Robert Verhees because it could have a lot of interpretations and point of views apart from being very creative and beautiful. In conclusion, I strongly recommend to everyone, tourists or not, to spend a little bit of their time enjoying the ‘Art Trees’ exhibit in the San Diego Harbor. I think that everyone is ogiint o havea good time looking at them and also taking lots of photographs!”

“I really enjoyed the field trip on the 22nd of July. We went to see the Harbor and the Art Trees. I really liked the sculptures like the swordfish. But I had a favorite one: it was the art tree caled “Stariway to Heaven” just like the Led Zeppelin song. The stairs of the art piece give the impression that the stairway to heaven in a long one: the stairs were also shiny and had some glitter on them, so they looked like the stars in heaven.

We also saw the ‘Star of India’. It is a large ship with extremely big sails. It was the first sailboat made from iron. I learned that the steering wheel in front of the boat is called a ‘helm’.

Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, we saw a large LED tower. There was a little poem written on it in LED lights. IT was very strange and I think that art sometimes is a bit too abstract for me. Overall, I enjoyed the trip and I think that I will go to the museum in La Jolla soon.”
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