When all the students from Natalie’s Level 8 class graduated, they decided to do something interesting: make a book about the experiences at Converse! Here are some of their entries in their “yearbook.”

“I have to recognize that these classes have been fun.
What I liked the most were my classmates because all of them are very nice, and always say something funny, and can’t stop laughing. I have also liked the teacher because she is nice, she does different activities from the grammar and book exercises and she also laughed with us.

The best moments have been while playing Taboo, and when we did conversation. I will always remember Chris’
bananas, when I laughed with Juan about something stupid, Christina’s commentaries and laughs, and Rosali’s songs.”
-Edgar, Spain

“My favorite time was playing Taboo with the class. That was so fun! We always laughed together. We had fun together. I liked my class and now it is over and we must go home. I will miss everyone!”
-Roberta, Switzerland

“I enjoyed staying in this class. I like studying with everyone, and with Natalie. I liked all the Taboo matches and the conversations and the day that we didn’t stop laughing. I also liked the field trip to Balboa Park, and I will never forget about the bubble.”

“I will always remember when I laughed with Edgar about stupid things, such as the question ‘what is your favorite color? And why?’ I will also never forget the day that Edgar explained how he could swim when he was a little kid by using a bubble. The days that we played Taboo and when we discussed different questions were very fun.

I will also never forget the day that Cris explained how she prefers Spanish bananas to American ones.” J
– Juan, Spain

“I had a lot of fun teaching this class. Everyday you made me laugh with your stories about taking the wrong bus, or meeting people on the bus, and the crazy stories they would tell you.
I also enjoyed watching you play Taboo and mixing English, Spanish, German, Catalan, and Portuguese.

The funniest thing was the Spanish bananas: much better than the bananas in the US. I will have to eat a banana the next time I am in Spain!”
-Natalie, Teacher