CISL San Diego teacher Denise’s Level 9 English Class recently took a trip to the Mission Café, a restaurant located in Downtown San Diego, to introduce her students to American pancakes. After their delicious meal, the students were asked to write a restaurant review. Here is what they had to say:

“Pancakes at the Mission Café” by Dominque
Well, they were big. I’m writing about the pancakes, which are served at the Mission Cafe in Downtown San Diego. You can choose or combine from nearly endless choices of ingredients: my favorite was the banana-strawberry ones. Excellent! The portions which were served were too big. It ended up that everyone was fighting to empty their plate! At least they provided lucky Cindy with a doggie bag to carry the delicious leftovers home for lunch, dinner, or whatever.

One may refine the pancakes with maple syrup, sugar, or butter. It’s your choice, and everybody is different. So was this place. It’s a very nice, small restaurant; simply, but beautifully, furnished. The walls are adorned with expensive watercolor paintings and a balcony surrounds the building. The staff was fast, friendly, and amazed by the internationalities of their guests. This is a highly recommended place to have breakfast or just one of their big, great coffees.

“Pancakes” by Eduardo
Yesterday we had an incredible experience in class: we went to a restaurant to have pancakes! After a never-ending walk through the streets of San Diego, we finally found the place and we sat down at a table. The waiter was a little bit surprised to have such a cosmopolitan group of people! We ordered our drinks. In less than no time we were all enjoying our coffees and juices and we ordered the pancakes. I shared mine with Dominique because the order was really big; American size, you know!

We had time to talk about many things and share our moments here in San Diego. It was very nice to go to a restaurant with all the class and eat something that many of us had never tried before, and I quite liked the experience. However, our Korean classmate wasn’t able to make it, and we saw his message on the blackboard when we returned. I am sure that he would have loved the pancakes!

“Who Wants Some Nice Pancakes?” By Rico
We went with our class to this small, lovely restaurant named Mission Café to eat some pancakes. The decorations were neat, and there was a cool atmosphere. But let me say something about the breakfast. First, I had an orange juice, which was really fresh and tasty; but after that I ordered strawberry-banana pancakes. I was so hungry and I thought it would be easy to eat a whole plate on my own. But this was a mistake: if you order pancakes, you get a lot! It was too much for me, but the pancakes were delicious.
I recommend this restaurant because you can chill out there, and of course, you can get tasty pancakes.