One of the most common conversation topics we have in the CISL classroom is “What is a big difference between your life in America and life in your home country?”. Most students talk about the tipping process in the United States, or the differences in public transportation, but Yeo Jung from Korea had a very interesting answer. Read on to see what she finds to be an interesting difference between food delivery in the United States and Korea!


I have been to the United States since September and over these few weeks, I have never seen the restaurant that deliveries any food except pizza.

In my country (Korea), working at company, if I mind going out at lunch time, I can take a order whatever I want to eat just by dialing at any restaurant and delivery food can be severed in about 20 minutes.

Furthermore delivery food is the same dish that we are eating at home, including main dish and side dish and also packed in not disposable paper but the plate.

When I often go to the Hangang river to hang out with friends, we ed to take an order zazangmeon, kinds of Chinese food or fried chicken with beer.

Most delivery food restaurants have a coupon system that whenever a customer takes an order, they give customers a coupon.

For instance whenever I order the fried chicken, I get a coupon. And when I gather 10coupon, I can order it for free~

The coupon system can be different depending on the restaurant. But this system is very common in our country.

So I think the culture of food delivery totally makes a difference between the USA and Korea.

– Yeo Jung, Korea