Many of our CISL San Diego students are surprised to find that there is a thriving wine industry in Southern California. San Diego has dozens of wineries that students can visit to taste some delicious, local wines! Our student Lara from Spain recently visited Ferrara Winery in Escondido, a town north of Downtown San Diego, and shared her experience with us in this article. Thank you for sharing, Lara! 

There are a lot of things to visit in San Diego but sometimes, it is better to look for new experiences and sensations, not just go to famous places where all the people want to go and the ones that everybody talks about. If you want to live a real American experience and drink real California wine you can follow my advice and visit Ferrara Winery (Escondido, San Diego).

Along the way you have to take to arrive to Escondido you will see the absolute and typical American houses that always appear in the movies with the kids playing in the gardens, the dogs barking outside and the newspaper right in front of the doors; you can feel the essence of American families.

When you go up the slope that you have to follow to get where Ferrara Winery is you will be surrounded by nature and you will breathe fresh air while you are in a big city, is like escape to a little town to see the sky and the trees and feel the relaxation of listening to the songbirds around you.

At the end of the slope you will see the poster that tells you where to get in Ferrara Winery and once you are inside you will start to perceive the smell of the vineyard and wood and once inside the wine tasting place you will feel the same smell but stronger and the cold of being inside a real wine cellar.

The people who served there are one mother and her son, really nice people and theywill invite you to try every wine that they have with no commitment to purchase.

As a personal experience, I would like to mention a little thing: when me and my friends wanted to come back home, they called a taxi and paid for us to the taxi driver to take us to the bus station just because it was getting dark, this alone explains how kind they were with us. Unbelievable!!

The wines were absolutely delicious.

So, if you worship wine and sometimes you like to escape from the big city and the loud noises you can visit Ferrara Winery and you will love it.

-Lara from Spain