San Diego is known for its sandy beaches and wonderful weather, but few realize that the city also hosts a beautiful fairgrounds and many equestrian events, including the Del Mar National Horse Show. This event is one of the oldest and most prestigious equestrian competitions in the United States, and it is currently running through May 6th.

Each year the show attracts more than 1,500 horses (from many different breeds) to compete in three disciplines: Western riding, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumper. Among many other events, event visitors will see elegant dressage moves (which are choreographed to music), show jumping, trick riders, and comedy acts.

April 26-29 will be Dressage Week, where horses from around the country show off their agility through many different events. The show ends with the Hunter/Jumper Week classes from May 1-6, which includes the jumping events that most people are familiar with. The Dressage week ends with a featured Saturday evening event and the Hunter/Jumper Week has featured events on both Friday and Saturday evening.

The event showcases a very different part of San Diego culture that few visitors know about, and we encourage our students to check it out! Afterwards, stroll through Downtown Del Mar, which is a charming area with many boutiques and delicious restaurants. Or, take a walk along one of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches, Solano Beach, which is just a few miles north of Del Mar, to watch the sun set over the water before coming home. It will be a memorable day!

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