Attention, food lovers! Are you interested in learning more about the flavors of San Francisco restaurants? Check out Foodie Adventures for a walking culinary tour of one of San Francisco’s districts… and come hungry!

Participants can choose from many different tours. Would you like to learn more about the city’s Latin American cuisine? Sign up for the Latin Food and Culture tour, which takes you through The Mission district. Do you prefer pastas and pizzas? The Italian Food and Culture tour through North Beach might be for you. Or, are you more of a Chinese food lover? The Chinatown tour would certainly be your choice!

Each tour consists of three hours of walking and eating your way through the city’s restaurants. The guide, chef Chris Milano, introduces the tour group participants to the flavors of each district. Tours include introductions to some of the most interesting restaurant owners and workers in the city, history lessons of San Francisco’s districts, and visits to local markets. Each guest leaves with a souvenir and some recipes created by Chef Milano. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and to learn of San Francisco’s culture and cuisines. And it is a great way to practice your English listening and speaking skills!

Tours are $79 per person and can be booked at