Ellie came from Osaka, Japan to study English for three weeks at CISL San Francisco. She enjoys   communicating with a lot of foreigners and also meeting a variety of people, which is one of the reasons she decided to come specifically to San Francisco.

Besides studying English, Ellie decided to attend the Outside Lands Festival at Golden Gate Park. She had a great weekend, full of wonderful concerts. She enjoyed the very relaxed atmosphere and the company of a lot of people in a good mood. Speaking of people; The Outside Lands was a great place for her to meet a lot of local people. Unlike her school and her residence, most of the people were from America, so she could also improve her speaking and listening skills by talking to native speakers. Although she had visited a lot of festivals before in Japan, she was happy to discover some new bands here.

In addition to good music, Ellie mentioned interesting food, like the doughnut burger and the noodle burger. These are regular burgers, but with a bun made from a sweet doughnut or fried noodles. She tried the noodle burger and was not disappointed.

Ellie had a great weekend at Outside Lands and recommends it to future students. Maybe she will come back someday to join the festival for a second time.