October is the month of Halloween and everything scary. To celebrate, we have some idioms with scared. You can use these expressions all year: spiders, heights, bugs, failure . . . there are plenty of things to be afraid of, even when it is not Halloween!


Expressions with “scared”

Scared to death

Definition: very afraid

Example: I am scared to death of spiders.


Scare off someone/something (phrasal verb)

Definition: to make something go away by frightening it

Example: My Halloween decorations scared off the young kids in the neighborhood.

Example: You can scare off birds by putting shiny objects in trees.


Scared stiff

Definition: so scared that you can’t move

Example: We went to the Balboa Haunted Trail, and I was scared stiff when we had to walk through the haunted bus!


Scare the hell out of someone

Definition: to scare someone really badly

Example: My roommate scared the hell out of me last night. I didn’t know she was home and then I turned around, and there she was!


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