Today on the CISL Blog, we continue our look at each of the tenses in the English language by learning the Simple Future. To practice, we will take a look at the Gaslamp Quarter’s plans for 2014.

There are two ways to express the Simple Future, which makes it unique (the Simple Present and Simple Past each have only one form). We will talk about the differences in the two Simple Future forms in a second: first, let’s take a look at the forms.

Simple Future form 1:

will + [not] base verb

  • I will see you tomorrow.
  • She will not pick you up. I will.
  • You won’t be tired if you drink some coffee.
  • They will meet you at the bus station at 10 am.
  • We will pick you up after our meeting.

Simple Future form 2:

be [not] going to + base verb

  • I am going to go shopping at the store. Do you want anything?
  • She is going to vacation in the Bahamas this spring.
  • You are going to leave for class now, right?
  • We are going to go to the beach. Want to come?
  • They are going to take the bus to Coronado. It is really easy.

Differences between “will” and “be going to”

As mentioned earlier, the Simple Future is special because it has two forms. There are differences in their uses.

In the Simple Future, “will” is used to express:

A) a voluntary action

  • “I’ll do the dishes tonight.”
  • (The doorbell rings) “I’ll get it!”
  • (Some drops something) “I’ll pick it up.”
  • “I won’t do all of my homework.” (Here, “won’t” is a refusal to do a voluntary action.)

B) a promise

  • “I’ll call you later.”
  • “I’ll pick you up at 7.”
  • “I’ll never do that again.”
  • “I won’t ever lie to you.”
  • “I won’t speed when I drive your car.”


“Be going to” is used to express:

A) A plan

  • “I’m going to go to the mall later.”
  • “I’m going to visit my parents this weekend.”
  • “She is going to study all night.”
  • “We are going to take the TOEFL class at CISL.”


Both “will” and “be going to” can be used to express:

A) A prediction about the future

  • “He is going to be very tall when he finishes growing.”
  • “This will be the best Christmas ever!”
  • “You are going to pass the IELTS exam with a very high score.”
  • “He said he will call, but he won’t.”
  • “They are going to get really tan after their summer in San Diego.”



A Visit to San Diego’s Gaslamp

Now that we have looked at the two forms of the Simple Future, lets use them to talk about something that every CISL student loves: the Gaslamp! The Gaslamp is an exciting area of Downtown San Diego filled with fun bars, hotels, restaurants, and shops. The area is a great place to visit during the day or night . . . and it is just a few streets from CISL San Diego.

What is there to do in the Gaslamp? Take a look at the plan for 2014 and learn about the many activities that will occur in San Diego’s Gaslamp District. How many times can  you spot the use of the Simple Future tenses?


Gaslamp Events for 2014

The year 2014 is going to be a big year for the Gaslamp. The festivities will begin on New Year’s Eve when all of the bars, clubs, and restaurants are open and the streets are packed with people ringing in the new year. Make sure to reserve a place at one of the bars or clubs: if you don’t, you will not be able to enter, because they are always packed! 

In February, the Gaslamp will host its annual Mardi Gras festival. Like always, it is going to be the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in Southern California! The parade is exceptionally fun: you’ll be disappointed if you miss it. Just a few weeks later, the area will host the St. Patrick’s Day festival: it is definitely going to be the most fun St. Patrick’s Day event in SD. Remember to wear green: if not, you’ll get pinched!

In April, baseball seasons begins, and because the Gaslamp is next to Petco Park, it is always filled with baseball lovers. It is really fun to walk the streets: you’ll catch the excitement of the baseball fans and pretty soon you’ll start craving a hot dog. It happens every game!

Summer is an incredible time to visit the Gaslamp, especially in July when it hosts ComicCon. ComicCon 2014 is going to be one of the craziest events in San Diego: it is the biggest event that the Conventional Center hosts, and you’ll definitely enjoy walking around and seeing all of the crazy costumes. You’ll miss out if you don’t make a trip to see the very creative, very excited ComicCon attendees. 


All of that in the first half of 2014? Crazy! The Gaslamp always seems to have something going on. Even when there is not an event, there are some of the most exciting clubs and restaurants in the area, and beautiful hotels with rooftop bars that are open during the day. Grab your swim suit and a cocktail and enjoy the view (while completing your CISL homework, of course!). Just kidding. For more information on Gaslamp restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and events, visit

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego’s Gaslamp? If you are studying English at CISL SD and have some restaurant or Gaslamp activities to share, post on our Facebook page for others to see!


Photos from San Diego Gaslamp on Facebook.