Hilarious Christmas Movies International Students Should Watch

The trees are trimmed, the lights are hung, Starbucks is selling eggnog lattes . . . Christmas season is here! To get into the holiday spirit, why not do what so many other American families do: watch Christmas movies. The following are some of our favorites. Happy Holidays to our CISL students and staff!

Hilarious Christmas Movies International Students Should Watch

1. A Christmas Story

This is a classic! The phrase “you’ll shoot your eye out” comes from this movie, when little Ralphie begs everyone (including a crazy Santa) to buy him a bb gun. What happens when Ralphie gets the toy gun for Christmas? You can guess. This hilarious movie is shown every year on television and brings back memories for many Americans.

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2. Home Alone

Another classic! Poor little Kevin is left alone during Christmas (as his entire family takes an international flight) to fend off robbers. He and his family learn to appreciate each other and the holidays during their adventures.

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3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The holidays should be all about family, but sometimes, we have expectations that are unreasonable: there is no such thing as a “perfect” Christmas! Anything and everything goes wrong in this very funny classic Christmas movie. If you have ever tried to hang Christmas lights, you will appreciate the frustrations the characters experience!

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4. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is “chosen” as the next Santa Clause, whether he likes it or not. In this movie, this single father fights against his destiny to become the new Santa. Of course, he learns to love his job!

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5. Elf

Will Ferrell playing an over-sized Elf? This movie HAS to be hilarious! In one of Ferrell’s most popular roles, he plays a not-so-typical elf trying to fit in. Just seeing Ferrell in an elf costume is enough to make anyone laugh!

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