Who says that sports are just for boys? The San Diego Padres game is a great event for boys AND girls to attend, and our CISL San Diego student, Radka, proved that when she went to last week’s Padres game and had a great time.

Radka was kind enough to share her experience (and photos!) with us. Thanks! We hope that your first baseball game was a wonderful experience!


CISL: What was your favorite part during the baseball game?

Maybe, pauses were the best part :-), because our seats weren´t on the very good place. (We love the 7th inning stretch!)

When was game in its half, we left our seats and walked in the stadium. It was great that we could enter in all sections.


CISL: Did you eat anything? If yes, what did you have?

Yes, I ate hot dog and drank coca cola.


CISL: Did you buy a souvenir?

No, but they gave T- shirts on the entry = we have a souvenir [for] free 🙂




For the rest of our students who did not get the chance to go to the Padres’ Opening Week, don’t worry! We have another CISL trip to the ballpark planned for Friday, May 18th at 7pm. Tickets must be purchased by May 11th and are $11.