Interviews are always stressful, but they can be incredibly stressful when you are expected to speak in your non-native language. Before your next job interview, make sure that you master the English tenses used in interviews.

English Tenses Used in Interviews

English Tenses Used in Interviews

The Simple Present

Use the Simple Present to talk about general truths or states.

  • I am from Germany.
  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communications.
  • I study at Converse International School of Languages.

The Simple Past

Use the Simple Past to talk about things you did or completed in your home country.

  • I went to school in Berlin.
  • I completed my studies last year.
  • I was an intern for a large bank in my hometown.
  • I wrote my final research paper on currency exchanges and world market trade.

English Tenses Used in Interviews

The Present Progressive

Use the Present Progressive to talk about your current state here in California. This is not linked to a time that this state began (see below).

  • I am currently studying at CISL.
  • I am living in Little Italy with a lovely roommate.

The Present Perfect/Progressive

Use the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Progressive to talk about things you are doing now that started in the past.

  • I have been studying here in San Diego for five months.
  • I‘ve interviewed with two companies so far.
  • I’ve been having a wonderful time here in California.
  • I’ve had the chance to see many parts of the state since I arrived.

English Tenses Used in Interviews

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