With CISL’s Pathway Program, students can attend an American college or university. In addition to having agreements with traditional schools, such a Palomar College, CISL is also partnered with vocational schools such as American Aviation Academy. After studying at CISL and completing our English for Academic Purposes course, students can get their pilot’s license in sunny San Diego with AAA’s incredible program!


To learn more, we met with Marion Froehlich, who is the International Student Advisor in the Admissions Department at the American Aviation Academy. Thanks for answering some of our questions, Marion!

American Aviation Academy

How long have you been working with your school? 15 monthsmarion

What are some of your job duties? I issue I-20s, conduct orientations for new international students where I explain their obligations as M-1 students in the U.S., help students apply for Extension of Stay, assist students in applying to transfer to our flight school and to change their non-immigrant status from F-1 to M-1, if applicable.

Your school has many international students. What are some countries you have had students from? Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Angola, Kenya, Canada

What is one student service that international students often use? (Tutoring, housing, etc.) We provide housing in apartments in shared or private rooms. Flight instructors will meet one-on-one with students as necessary.


What is one academic program that your school is really proud of? Our Commercial Pilot License training.

At what part of campus do students usually hang out? Study room, lobby, picnic tables outside. There is a deli on the premises.

What’s one thing that makes your school unique? We are one of four flight schools in the U.S. that provides EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) training.

What’s one piece of advice you have for a student transferring to your school? If you are committed to completing your flight training goals and apply yourself, you can complete your Commercial Pilot License within one year. Private Pilot License training takes less time.

Thanks to Marion for providing AAA students with a positive learning environment and the chance to reach their academic goals in the U.S.! To learn more about studying at American Aviation Academy after learning English at CISL, contact the Pathway Coordinator